Peace through Piece by Piece is a project aimed at empowering the youth of Swat, Pakistan to become agents of social change. Through actions and workshops that encourage awareness of identy and issues related to social cohesion, Peace through Piece by Piece will create a just free and peaceful society where all have equal access to opportunity irrespective of gender, color, race and religion; where the youth potential is fully harnessed. 

Youth have been engaged in militant groups during Taliban era in Swat, Pakistan. After the militancy operation and Talibanization, the youth of Swat are suffered in psychological and ideological disease, 80% of the youth directly affected from militancy. As a result of that they lost their trust in Governmental institution, family system, culture, religious institutions, and overall community. Even they lost their identity at the end.

There is great need to make social cohesion and make strong relationship of young people with community, culture, and governmental institution. Main aim is to build social cohesion and tolerance in a tribal society suffering from ideological differences and sense of deprivation. This means building skills, organizations and other social capitals; creating opportunities for social and economic mobility; and bringing political inclusion to the emerging middle class.

However, the Government and the civil society are not adequately responding to the youths’ demands and ignoring them. A good part of the youth population is therefore drawn towards radicalism as an alternate path to meeting their objectives. This has fragmented the society and created conflicts. Through actions and campaigns, the project expects to: 1) Create critical awareness of identity and issues related to social cohesion 2) Start dialogue on issues of commons and their solutions 3) Facilitate collective decision making and social actions